Interesting Photoshoot taken by 6 yr old boy.... with Autism

Check out what is interesting to a 6 year old boy with autism. He is my my nephew, and i never really understood his mindset until now. 


A photo journey into the world of a six-yea- old boy with moderate Autism. See his love and fear of the object world, as he profoundly expresses himself from behind the camera lens. Anyone who knows about Autism will understand the significance of the photos he captures. This slideshow is done in honor of Autism Awareness Month.


I could not help but realize as the pictures went by that I was witnessing a mathematician's artistic scientist develop. There is so much in this world worth observing, finding wonderment and noting - only through the eyes of a six year old could so much truth in beauty be found. I hope the parents are setting aside funds for their child to study at places such as MIT Media Lab, Carnegie - Mellon or Cal Tech. We need more incredibly thoughtful and perceptive people in the world!