You've Been Served

So I am invited to a Mexican food restraunt by my daughter to discussed her up coming marriage to a guy 8 years older then her and planned to quit work and go back to school.

This would be a good time to discuss how he was going to support my 22 year old daughter who was still struggling to graduate college, while he quit work to go back to school full time. Was he thinkning I was suppose to pay the rent?

I sit down read the menu and he starts explaining how he can work part time while he goes to nursing school, and ..... then the waiter comes, the burito platter please, He fills my glass of water with the lemon and off to the kitchen he goes. the story continues, with cold looks on there faces. The restraunt is empty except for us good thing for what happens next. My daughter points to me, I turn around, its not the waiter but a poorly dresses nervous guy with long hair, Are you Mark? My daughter says yes he is, he says "You've been served" and he tosses a pile of papers in front of me and runs out. I stand up realizing what happened, My daughter calls 911 on the cell phone saying I am in violation of a restraing order! I grab the papers, spilling the water glass all over my son in law, put it back up an out I go. I told him what I thought of him before I dashed.


Back in the parking lot I reach for my keys, they won't open the door, They are my other set of keys to the same make different model. The process server races by telling who ever where I am and what I am driving, A SUV with a trailer behind it(I was doing yeard work that day). I run back into the restraunt via the back door, into the kitchen, everyone only speaks spanish, pointing to my keys I say Jobi say permissa and go to where I was sitting - no keys! The Busboy points to the host, He has my keys. I convince him to give them back and run out the back door, while they yell I can't go out the back door.

 I stop at the chicken wing pub next door, I know the owner well,  he's a former cop. He tells me to roll out the back way and wait for things to cool down.

In my truck I'm rolling and past the inbound cops that are coming in. and a paramedic truck. At the corner a guy stops in front of me so I can't turn right at the light. And here he comes, cop lights me up and I roll down my window. Cop  says my future son in law was hit in the head by the glass and thinks he is bleeding, he reads the restraining order's, says I can't go home. I explain my wife and daughter don't live at my home, my wife moved out a few months ago, and my daughter has been in college for 2 years. The cop goes back to his car, I call a few friends asking them if I get taken in can they get my truck and trailer. I sweat, 1/2 hour goes by.... Cop says, future sonin law didn't press charges, I'm free to go. Cop said would have been more upset then I was! I go to a friends house, leave a voice mail to my attorney, why don't they work weekends?


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