To Whom This May Concern


Hypthericaly, I would preach the following words in a voice caring the strength of all the worlds choirs. Standing with one foot atop of the offender wand my awesome cape swaying pationilty blowing in the wind:


You've got nerve

To act like I should be excited to see you!

What you said, is an aweful thing to say to any person

Ignerance is an every day occurance

But I don't except such insensitivity and disgrace from people that I know

And worse

From someone whom I thought carred about me

I forgave you

For me

But I don't have to forget

I hope my pain reminds you that no matter ones sex, sexuality or ethnic origin

They are still an


A person

A human

And if you can't extend that basic respect to every person that you meet then how will anyone respect you.


Hypotheticaly, that is how I see it playing out. But for now I will just try to get some sleep.



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