Needing You



You are the soft thoughts eroding my heart

You are the weight of a world of water at its walls

Once I thought insurmountable

Against your soldiers of love even Troy will fall


You are my Helen

My Great Wall wrapping me in peace

Tightly holding to sleep

Dreaming of eternity as we lay


And maybe in my mind’s eye I'm missing you now

In your presence that high

Nothing in this world is bringing me down

Hear how I sound look at me I need you right now


I want you to be close to me

Intimate contact, you should be a soft sheen of sweat

That lays on my chest, on those summer nights

I remember my thirst being quenched with your wet


Needing you is like breathing

It requires no thought no effort but I'm dreaming

I miss the melodies of you moaning and screaming

Most of all I miss next to you lying and speaking


Watching the way that you sway to the showers

Making my way to work wishing I could kiss you for hours

Breathing your essence everyday you were my flowers

My dessert in the night your body devoured


I need you, this machine cannot replace respiration

Without you breath is meaningless

Stirring in our bed waking in desperation

I lie wake you on my mind sleepless


I can speak to you speechless

There is hurting behind your eyes

That I lack the strength to heal

That need, wound fatal to my pride


I miss missing you

For your distance promises no swift return

I lie next to your place in our bed

Snuggling your imprint


In my memories you are living

I do not block your aspirations

And you can fly so freely

For I know I am still dreaming


Alone in my waking

You are the slacking of my thirst

The sense of emptiness in truth

I am truth, and I need you


Wishing above all needs

That you could finally see

Needing you is love


© Copyright 2010

Christopher Jones



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