Second-Class Sailors

 My name is Lance Garland, a Navy Veteran and recent University of Washington graduate who has been hard at work on my memoir about the inside story of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I've decided to donate the first public reading to defend marriage equality in Washington State, and over the next thirteen weeks I will release a chapter every monday in hopes to raise awareness and funding for our cause. This serialization will lead up to the November vote, where I encourage all Washingtonians to vote yes on Referendum 74, and approve the State's decision to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. 

 Told through shifting narratives between men and the sea, across continents and perspectives,Second-Class Sailors is a memoir about the forbidden love of two men during the US Military's Don't Ask Don't Tell era, their struggle to pay the price of truth, and the courage it took to stand against unbeatable odds, and ultimately, to overcome them. 

Please visit my website, enjoy the weekly reading, and vote for equality everywhere.
Also, on the front page of my website is an "It Gets Better" video which details my story a bit more. 
I hope my story will find a home with your website and radio show, and look forward to hearing from you!
Lance Garland 




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