A true story of what comforts me

In my 3rd year of college, I had a mild flritation with a guy we'll call Mike. I liked hanging out with Mike a lot because he was fun, inclusive, everyone loved him, easy to talk to and he was the life of the party. But as much as I wanted to be, I just wasn't attracted to him, darnit. We experimented with a smooch one night on the futon while Steely Dan crooned in the background... and then realized that perhaps the feeling was mutual. Too bad. He would have made a good boyfriend. But sometimes it's best just to be friends. So that's what we were. Good friends.

In Highschool, I had another good friend named, Jake. Jake and Mike were cut from the same cloth. Jake was fun, friendly, quick with a smile and always remembered the shy girl's name. He was a cheerleader. (Probably because that's the best place to meet cute girls.) Everyone loved Jake. Which is why it was such a shock when a tragic car accident claimed him before he could graduate and become the amazing man I'm sure he would have become. 

Years passed, and my highschool and college career moved on... It was the week before my senior year of college, and all of the students began to descend on campus once more. Everyone crammed to catch up with eachother and start another year of memories together with new friends and old. I got word that Mike and a couple of his buddies took a last minute road trip to Vegas before school started. A memory making voyage... 

I had a dream that night that Mike and I were in a vast, wall-less, blue misty room which somehow had the atmosphere of a college soiree. But we were the only two in the "room". And there wasn't a sound. We were laughing hysterically and having the time of our lives, but not a single sound came to my ears. It was silent. And totally normal. As I was wiping away the tears of my laughter, I noticed a figure coming up behind Mike. It was another friend. I couldn't make out his face as I was still wiping away my mascara. The familiar figure waved. I waved back. Then he and Mike threw one arm around eachother's shoulders and walked away to the next party. I turned to do the same.

POOF! I awoke with a start at 2:30 in the morning, looked at the clock and fell back asleep, as sleep gave me another comforting hug.

The next morning, my roommate approached me with sadness and tears in her eyes and tells me of Mike's accident. His friend's car rolled and Mike was ejected. It happened at about 2:30 earlier that morning.

It wasn't until later that day, after the sadness and shock wore off, that I was visited once more by that comforting feeling when I realized that Mike may have moved on to the next party, but he did it with a new friend... someone I just know he'd get along with because afterall, they were cut from the same cloth.






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