Warrior Woman

I read a book recently about how, when the phonograph was first created, people thought they could use it to communicate with the dead (Jonathan Sterne's "The Audible Past").  That gave me the idea for this project.  My sister Kelly died in 2000 from brain cancer.  I have tons of pictures of her, but I can't really remember what her voice sounded like.  I interviewed my parents about my sister (I've attached them to this message).  I eventually hope to take the audio from old videotapes of my sister and mix  it in with these interviews.  (Kelly in Gaelic means "warrior woman.")


This was spectacular. Great interviews and great cutting between your parents, Rebecca.

It is so extremely tragic how people with such immense strength and bravery--true warriors--can survive the greatest physical obstacles only to be felled by their own bodies. But it sounds like your sister fought her battle with immense grace and humor. Thanks for sharing.