One Mans War

One Mans War

My Thoughts clash
Like arctic waters cooling hell torched steel
Images crash my persona, much as the tide breaks the cliffs during a
fatal storm
a war that would make Spartans blush in envy

In this war I fight alone
Colleagues friends nor family could fathom the depths of these raging
contradicting facades
Estranged in that unlike world wars, there are no 2 sides, but many
Such as a unearthed gem having unrefined facets?, reflecting all light
in all directions
And in the center of this Labyrinth of madness lies a soul, the keeper
of the peace
indefinitely torn between the sides, subduing one, only to watch the other temperate emotions flare

Inevitably this peacekeeper will grow weary, his shadow will
lengthen, long and eerie
Welcomed by the reaper somberly he goes to watch
while lost for words,
the in suing lose of sanity...

Austin Blaschak


sorry about the error in the middle there. its sort of and excerpt from a short film im trying to make. thanks to any and all for reading this, especially if you leave comments!