Blood, The Currency Of The Spirit World

Nullifying the violations of blood we innocently comitt will solve the crippling effects of failure we accept as normal. The paralytic symptoms have no rhyme or reason.  The only uniformed detectable pattern is misfortune that sticks like glue.  Most of us will never get out of the closet, hiding the ghosts and skeletons are a full time job.  Perhaps we can discuss this topic on your show?

Jacqueline Trought, Author


Pastor Trought is indeed a gifted orator. Whenever I listen to a sermon or teaching that she is delivering, my ears are drawn like magnets to each word spoken by her. She has the ability to grasp the attention of listeners beyond what might be considered a natural gift. I have read her new book titled "Blood, The Currency of the Spirit World" and find myself going back over the various chapters again and again. Her God-given skill as a writer is on a par with her oratory gifts as a speaker, pastor and teacher.

In this current church era, we simply don't hear enough about the Redeeming Blood of Jesus and I found it very refreshing to read about the sacrifices of Christ upon which we should be daily feasting. It is an excellent read for every pastor and a grave reminder to stay on track with sermons that preach Christ Crucified.

I whole heartily suggest that believers on all levels of scriptural understanding purchase this beautiful book titled "Blood, The Currency of the Spirit World".