An Affair with a Hurricane

As Hurricane Katrina approached the Gulf Coast in 2005, I felt an overwhelming pull to this event. I had a deep and abiding understanding that it would change lives forever, including mine.  Being removed in every way from this impending catastrophe, I had no particular reason to watch the storm's progress toward destruction. I'd never visited the area, no friends, relatives or aquaintences lived there, nothing that I thought would impact my life as the storm impacted the area. After all, I was a busy wife and mother of three living one thousand miles away.  But I couldn't help being sucked into every detail of the Hurricane's progress.  


Katrina hit the Gulf on August 29th at 7:10 am. That was probably the moment I knew I had to go. I watched every minute that I could on television and searched the internet for a path that would lead me to the Gulf.   I became obsessed with finding a way to get out of my comfortable home, leave my husband and children, and put my life on hold to help.  I am a nurse and a midwife, surely the medical community would take any help they could get.  Donating money and clothing just seemed like a drop in the bucket. It wasn't enough. 


This is a work in progress...


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