Grampa's Say the funniest things

True stories about my grampa:

The teaser - When he was 94 or so years old we were sitting around Mom's house chatting about things and the subject of inherited traits comes up. I looked at grampa and said "gramps, I know one thing I inherited from you!"

"What's that AJ?" he says. said, "Look at you gramps, you have a full head of hair at 94, I'm 54 and I still have all my hair also!"

Gramps does his double take and says, "That's right AJ but you'd have been a lot better off if you'd inherited my brains..!"

Gramps was a sharp dude and his storytelling philosophy came from the Mark Twain era, "why ruin a perfectly good story with the truth!" His life was full of these vignettes. I could go on for hours reciting them.






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