Preparing for the 30th YR. High School Reunion


At 7:30am., 02 October 2010, I rose from my bed wondering; how would the day end?

And as I biked toward James Howell Studio (to teach my 10:30am. yoga class), I began to lengthen my exhale. After the yoga class, I quickly biked home to finish up my last minute packing.. After packing, I set with my good friend Maximilian and chatted about his latest adventures in Austria & India. And while conversing, we concluded; I needed a haircut.
Maximilian, a clothing designer, vocal artist, illustrator, model, and friend, then informed me that he has hair clippers & he would gladly cut my hair. And my response (as I rolled back my eyes) was .. .. . . ..
.... . . . . "yeah right, 1.5 hours before my departure to my 30th yr. Oceanside High School Reunion, I'm gonna let you cut my hair .. I would be BALD ...."
And so, with a sense of urgency, I rushed up 24th Street to visit my hairstylist.
Arriving at the "peluquería," I patiently awaited my turn. Shortly thereafter, as I sat in the barber chair, I closed my eyes and found myself in a state of savasana. Yet when I opened my eyes, I WAS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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