Love the Police

This is something that happened to me when I attended my old Chicago inner city public school.

So there was a group of druggie friends I used to hang out with, and almost everyday we would do something that could most likely put us in jail for a couple of years. One day we all ditched our lunch period like we would always do. My friend had just bought a gram of weed, and had a bottle of whiskey. We decided to go into a nearby alley by our school to smoke the weed and drink the whiskey.

If you don't happen to know, most inner city Chicago public schools are flooded with cops and security (especially mine) . So as we made our epic journey into the back of an alley, of course a squad car had to drive down and stop us as we were walking. Soon enough after cursing us out for ditching, the officer put us up against someones garage and began to frisk us. My friend had thrown the weed before the cop got to him but my other friend was frisked and had his whiskey taken away.

"Where did you get this?" the cop asked.

"I found it on the floor".

After getting cursed out a little more and throwing other illegal belongings in the nearby bushes while he wasn't looking, the officer took us back to the police room at our school. This was where our bonding started. The officer gave us each a little questionnaire that he was going to file and started asking us questions. 

"What gang are you three offiliated with?" he asked.

"Where greasers sir" said my friend and all three of us plus the cop started cracking up.

"What are your gang nicknames" he asked.

I told him mine was based god like the hilarious rapper which as soon as I said my friend told the officer that "based god fucked my bitch" the officer was even more confused and asked more questions.

"What do you play bass or something?"

"No sir its pronounced based its hard to explain but I like playing bass and baseball." 

Then he felt the need to constantly ask us if we wanted some of the whiskey which I thought he was being serious about but apparently he didnt like to have any fun. After more ridiculous questions and trying to convince the officer we were alcoholic weightlifters we finally got taken to the deans office. 

At the end of the day I had been suspended and had my alcohol taken away, lost my drugs, but I still became friends with an officer of the law, and realized that all cops arent that bad.

Dedicated to my tutor Micah who asked me to write this instead of homework.


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