The High Cost of Saving a Fallen Angel

One night back in April (2010) I watched a documentary about the protestors from Westboro Baptist Church(those fundees who are obsessed with homosexuality). Well, I was struck by how decent a person that one of the church goers seemed to be(once the documentarian was able to hang out with her alone and talk to her, at least). There just seemed to be much more to this girl than her and her family's obsession with picketing soldier funerals and holding up abhorrent signs.

I deicided that I wanted to contact the girl. I thought maybe I could strike up a correspondence, and possibly change her mind with regard to her religiously induced homophobia. So, immediately following the documentary, I googled her name in hopes of finding an e-mail address for her. Eventually, I was directed to Intelius Inc, a company who performs background searches. For only $1.95, I thought it was worth tracking her e-mail down. A few e-mail addresses popped up that were for the right name and the right area of the country (Kansas). In fact, one e-mail address was her college one. I learned from the documentary that she was in school for nursing, so I knew this to be a correct one for her.

So, I sent a courteous e-mail to 2-3 different addresses that Intellius had for her. It turned out, however, that not one of her addresses was still operable. I was bummed, but I got over it fast enough.

Fast forward to December (2010).

It turns out that Intelius Inc is not exactly up front with what customers are REALLY signing up for when they use their service. I, unknowingly, signed up for two different services that cost 19.95 a month each. With one service I could perform a certain of amount of "people searches", and with the other I guess my identity was being protected. I only recently signed up for online banking, but once I did, I discovered these two monthly 19.95 charges. I immediately canceled the services, and I am now dealing with the Washington State Attorney General's Office over the dispute. Let's just say that after a little research into Intelius' goings ons and shenanigan's I might have a case.

Maybe my snap judgment to befriend an abhorrent sign totting fallen angel from the mid-west, could help bring down an abhorrent company that's been leeching off my bank account for 9months. And who knows...maybe it'll bring me one step closer to that girl from Kansas.



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