so there I was a peaceful little buddhist boy I prefer the term W.A.S.A.B.I or white anglo saxon buddhist individual getting ready for my new school I mentioned offhandely that I was gay and that all hell broke loose I can't changing in my  head while being hunted for sport by the rich WHAT WOULD BUDDHA DO!? and I got my GSA or Gay Striaght Alliance

fastword a few years later and I my jerry sharing the common vice of smokingy cigarettes I know his lip were the last lips I wanted to kiss and we didn't live happyily ever have. no that is just myth and fairy dust. no one lives happily ever after because nothing ever ends 


I would like to give a shout out to the folks who did "The Last Unicorm" 

cuz I felt like one getting hunted or killed even if they leave their forests I though I was the only one and then the advent of the internet saved me I went out searching for for what I called "my kind" it was almost Pink Floydesque that be saying " "is there anybody out there?" so this is my story it maybe short and simple not very "meaty" as one would say. though no one really like meaty books anymore. so I grew up strong and now in the chicago land area I get to marry my jerry and settle down and have cats together. that's right I want to have cats with me.


this is a bleeding heart cuz by Thomas Henry Wartell