i look at this page and i get excited. but, for what ever reason, i just go blank with this excitement. i know there are tons of great stories to tell. the potential for this page to be filled with something incredible is limitless. i probably wont be the one to fill it with anything like that. why, i wonder? i mean, it doesnt bother me or anything like that. it just stikes me as funny in a "one of natures cruel jokes" kinda way. is that irony? to be given an unbridaled imagination, almost unlimited access to worlds collective, and a major means of conveying something profound. yet i have managed to say absolutely nothing so far. 'nothing' seems some much more like something now. What i mean is that, having differentiated something and nothing, this gives 'nothing' the new label 'something else'. It maybe something worthless. but something worthless isnt nothing. so what did i just write about? Nothing.


asmaweqj fgigtq by roberthkdonald