Oh Brother

I was freaking out. In my mind the only words that could form were "not again" and "oh shit." I screamed primally, like someone who had just realised they were falling off a building. Smoke formed in front of the windshield. I shut off the engine, everything went dark. It was so quiet now. 

I got out of the car. How could this happen? I'd taken this drive before, not a problem ever. But never this late, too late. I didn't feel tired when I left. Maybe I wasn't getting enough sleep? I stared at the car: a huge dent in the front hood, one wheel completely off the car. I was freaking out. Who the hell am I gonna call at 2 AM? 

I replayed it in my mind: I woke up before I hit the pole. That pole was solid. Not anymore. Like shrapnel it flew back over the car, almost piercing the windshield in front of me. But that wasn't the scary part: a tree, actually 5 trees, I passed on my way through the pole were bigger than my bedroom. If I hit those, I doubt they would give as much mercy as the pole did. If I hit one of those, I wouldn't be able to call someone. 

But I didn't. So I called my brother, still in shock. I almost screamed at him through the phone. Our house was down the road, but far enough that he couldn't hear my screams. Now I thought "He's gonna wring my neck, I'm dead, deceased, I'm FUCKED!" Waiting there felt like a year, maybe ten. I saw the headlights of our other car coming towards me. I flagged him down so he pulled over on the opposite side of the road. He shut off his engine. Silence fell again. "Yep," I thought, "he's gonna murder me." He got out.

The look on his face is one I will never forget. I mistaked it for anger, but it was pain. It's like he felt what I felt. He came across the road. He looked me dead in the eye and didn't say anything. It's like he knew how I felt right then. He hugged me.