Portrait of Love

Together we were going to paint a portrait of the love we had for one another/ we were going to show the would just how amazing it was when opposites attracted/ It all started with one white canvas/ Some how two perfect minds just couldn’t collide to make one beautiful portrait


All his hidden secrecies somehow got spread across the portrait leaving no room for my creativity/ so I thought why not paint over his secrets and show him that I was capable of the same/ But as all our colors of confusion collided this portrait slowly turned black/ I decided to let it dry and began another day


When that day came I saw that I could paint over the blackness with as many colors as I chose to distract others eyes from seeing what truly hid beneath the surface/ but the portrait would be a lie


I’ve come to realize that I painted a picture of my own disaster/ You see cause as much as I wanted o blame it on him I could only blame me/ I was trying to be like him thinking I had the upper hand knowing two wrongs just don’t make it right/ I should have packed up my paints when there was no room for my creativity/ Cause you can always buy a new canvas and create a portrait even better than the first