Postcards From the Abyss

Summer came again as I looked out over the apartment sitting on one couch while stairing at another, which had now become my bed. I had prepared so well to get a job so I could save up money and now I was left with none. Just waiting for some kind of miracle not really knowing what it would be. Only knowing that it would have to be something or I was going to starve.

With another day arriving my last check from working as a tech at school came so I cashed it and decided to go to the store so I could finally stop eating rice. While at Safeway I stood in the ice cream aisle stairing intensely at the Ben & Jerry going through a debate in my head as a Eli, a classmate, walked up and asked me how I was doing. I said fine and asked him what his plans for summer were and then he told me about the trip planned to Oregon. (I had never been to Oregon. I had planned many times but it always fell through). Knowing I had no plans and nowhere to go I asked if he had room in the cars and got the reply of yes.

Arriving back I called Jean, a girl I'd just met, to see if she was free to get together only to receive the reply that she couldn't because she would be going to Oregon on Thursday. Finding the coincidence funny I told her I was too. Having just broke up with her boyfriend she asked me if I would like to travel with her so I preceeded to get a ride for the both of us.

On craigslist I got us a ride in a 1980's limo, then borrowed a tent from a friend. Arriving at her door thusday morning she woke up only to tell me she wasn't going as the limo arrived in time to ask me if I was still in. Knowing there was only a couch for me I said yes and didn't look back.

I rode their with Gyato, a tattoo artist from Berklee. We talked the whole way up and he told me why he chose me specifically to ride. He said I wasn't going to the Oregon Country Fair and that's why he chose me. I told him it didn't look that interesting. Replying he could see that he showed me his ticket which cost $48 and his camping pass that cost $40. At a price of $98 you are never going to find a three day festival that cheap, he said. Plus if I didn't like it I could trade my ticket and do something else. I didn't really have any plans and without Jean I wasn't really going anywhere so his arguement couldn't be more valid at the time.

Now just 20 minutes out of Eugene I called Stephanie, long time friend, to see if I could crash at her place for the night. She said it was alright though she was at dinner but to find a way in. At her house I enter in through a window by way of the back yard. Going online I brought a ticket to the fair. When she arrived she told me that I was welcome as long as I wanted, but she would be going to the fair the next morning. I told her I was too. Then texted Karolyn, my best friend, knowing she was in Oregon somewhere only to get the reply, "Go to the Oregon Country Fair." I had always had a serendipitous life but this was ridiculous. I called to Gyato to see what was going on about camping being as he said I could camp with him. He told me that he was at Quietside and it was sold out but the better parties would be at Darling Reunion and I should go there.

The morning arrived as Stephanie and Billy dropped me off at Darling Reunion. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew I was at the Oregon Country Fair and in the moment this meant nothing to me. Checking in I walked through a wooden gate not knowing where I was going. Only to see Karolyn walk toward me bare foot in a white dress looking like an angel. Yelling my name she gave me the best hug I had received in years and told me to put my tent next to hers. I was lost inside of Oregon, which was the best place to be.