Pray for Thee


Concealed n' confined, compressed with time, locked up and convicted of a sensless crime.

Now comprised of the night this moonlit hustla is compelled to find, a conspicuous enlightened mindful eye on why or just a sign.

As I write these rhymes and lay these lines, whom am I trying to convince is it my restless mind?



I can't conceive why their conceited diseases constantly consist of me, it’s senseless to believe that their backs back their feet, backed with an attacking breeze, matter fact, blowin’ lies 'n deceit away from my eyes, but as they preach, their speech lies below their knees drippin’ to their feet, it’s bullshit!, PLEASE!


Their words are not droppin’ the breath that I breathe or affecting the speech that I speak, but there is no way to compete with the incomplete word of the street and the more I see it the more it is especially bothering me, up a holler following me.


That night in question my back wuz riddled with concrete. Askin' an endless question here’s where you are to be constantly and honestly I don’t know but as far as we are I can't see, it’s written in the heart of the life of me, a single bullet in their chamber diein’ to penetrate ‘n seep n' soak to the sleepy soul of the blood I already bleed. Sunk in a hole off the needle mark on the arm of me, where do we go leaves an untold story of a one man army who didn’t appear to be nothing short of the end to the start of me.

Threats that were made if I didn't comply with their needs for personal gains 'n greed, it’s a sick game that has haunted me, to the diein death to the start of the dawn for me, nothing but pain n grief, no way to ever live in harmony, a carnage movie filled with the deepest darks of me it's all for me and shame clouds my name indeed, but your no better than me, your a pork platter ‘n breed, every one of you maf**kers cum from a punks splatterin’ seed. Black, white, every color ‘n creed, you only exist from a mumblin’ heave, born of the rise ‘n fall from me.

Even though my emotions collide with my beat, they combine ‘n coincide ‘n run real deep, ‘n before I close my eyes at night ‘n sleep, inside my confines I PRAY for thee….