Prison Elders Speak to Incarcerated Youth

Hi, I'm a program officer at Kalliopeia Foundation.  We fund a variety of different nonprofit programs, including a handful of programs in prisons.  Since I also happen to be a huge fan of the show (thank God for J Dilla on NPR!!), I wanted to alert you to some amazing audio stories told by lifers in San Quentin for young people in juvenile hall or probation.  These men have gone through truly transformative programs that teach violence prevention, meditation, yoga, and prepare men to meet victims of the same crimes they've committed.  The lifers are amazing men, I've had the privilege to meet a few of them and what can I say, they have devoted their sentences to figuring out what it really means to be human and wrestle with one's actions.  Some of the most inspiring men I've ever met.

Anyway check out the stories, they are produced by two nonprofits that work together, Mind-body Awareness and Insight Out.  Even though they are meant for youth in trouble, the stories (not to mention the production values) seem like a great fit for Snap.  Check it out, and if you want more info or anything I'm at 415-578-8908. Some of these lifers are out now, and would make great interviewees.

Thank you for considering

- Sohrob Nabatian

Program Officer

Kallioipeia Foundation



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