Rabbi and the KKK

I can't see where to add my comments about this story, but I want to share my experience as it moved me immensely.

I am not a very emotional person.  I listen to Snap Judgement while working on my vintage VWs. When I come back inside the house I often summarize the stories to my wife.  This time I broke down in tears as I retold the story.  For the rabbi to have been so forgiving and the way he cared for the ex-kkk man shows the good in humanity that I rarely see. 

Listeners should also try and find the documentary "Little Angel of Colombia" about a selfless young boy, Alveiro Vargas, who organized other slum children to help care for unwanted and disable elderly.  Good luck though finding a copy DVD.  I've had no responses from any NPR station as to where to buy one.