Snap LIVE! Look Back Special - Snap #633

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Snap LIVE! In Oaktown

On the next Snap....Snap LIVE! in Oaktown. When you come back to the town where everything got better not come half-steppin'.


On Snap, it's time to put up -- or shut up. Snap Judgment proudly presents "Proof."  Storytelling, with a BEAT.

Man In The Mirror

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Man In The Mirror." You can try to deny it, but he'll always be there, waiting for you.

Behind The Curtain

On the next Snap..."Behind The Curtain." When they think they're all alone, and no one is watching, that's when they are their true selves.

Song Info Story Label

Flowers by Yancey Boys THE TEACHER’S LOUNGEDelicious Vinyl
Koplopp by Machinefabriek THE NEVER-ENDING STORY Cold Spring
Biospheric Dark by The Books Temporary Residence Nature Sounds
NightLight by Afta-1 PLAYING GODMAN Melting Pot Music
Key by Ametsub PLAYING GODMAN Nothings66 Records
Of Acid and Angels by Off the Sky PLAYING GODMAN Databloem
Bonfire on the Field by Chihei Hatakeya BETWEEN STRANGERS Kranky
A Lady’s Vanity by Lucky Thompson, Oscar Pettiford, and Skeeter Best BETWEEN STRANGERSFresh Sound Recordings
Ballad of Distances Pt. 1 by Stars of the Lid BETWEEN STRANGERSKranky
Silver Water Ripples by The Gentlemen Losers  BETWEEN STRANGERS City Centre Offices
Simmerdown by Nostalgia 77 BETWEEN STRANGERS Tru Thoughts
A Livelong (For Cubs) Pt. 3 by Stars of the Lid BETWEEN STRANGERS Kranky
Back on Da Block (Instrumental) by Pete Rock FULL SHOW BBE
Higher Than You by Betty Ford Boys FULL SHOW Mordella Music
The Disco Is Burning by PJ Katz FULL SHOW Databloem


On the next Snap, "Simpatico." What's it like to find yourself on someone else's wavelength? 

Perfect Match

On the next all-NEW Snap, "Perfect Match." You've seen them around, holding hands, stars in their eyes...and you wonder how they do it. Do they know something we don't?

Snap LIVE! in NYC

All-NEW "Snap LIVE! in NYC" featuring Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter from The Roots, comedian Jen Kober, and Snap favorite Josh Healey. Recorded at BAM for WNYC's RadioLoveFest.


On the next Snap..."Infamous." Sure they want to take your picture, have your autograph... but for all the wrong reasons. 

Song Info Story Label

SO DAM TOUGH by K-Def FULL SHOW Redefinition Records
Riffspart Dos by Vintage Beats FULL SHOW Dusted Wax Kingdom
Life Is A Wheel by Apollo Brown FULL SHOW Mello Music Group
Party Up Say Ho by Supa Dave West FULL SHOW Redefinition Records
Voice Transformer by Lord Beat Jitzu FULL SHOW 
Dour by The Sight Beloq THE WHITE BRONCO Ghostly International
600 by Black Milk THE WHITE BRONCOComputer Ugly
Smaze Words by Delarosa and Asora SECRET OF MY SUCCESS Schematic
Natural Born Spittaz ft. Mystro and Jargon by Silibil N’ Brains SECRET OF MY SUCCESS SNB LLC
Shut Yo Mouth by Siliibil N Brains SECRET OF MY SUCCESSHSNB LLC
I Play With Myself by Silibil N Brains SECRET OF MY SUCCESS SNB LLC
Medicine by Silibil N’Brains SECRET OF MY SUCCESS SNB LLC
Ooh Aah by Silibil N Brains SECRET OF MY SUCCESS SNB LLC
4 am by Lokai MY FATHER’S KEEPER Thrill Jockey
Volver by Lokai MY FATHER’S KEEPER Thrill Jockey
Liquid Golden by Afta-1 MY FATHER’S KEEPER Pronounced Love
Sea Island Murders by Loscil MY FATHER’S KEEPER Kranky
Angle of List by Loscil MY FATHER’S KEEPER Kranky
Stars Are Calling by Afta-1 MY FATHER’S KEEPER Pronounced Love
Orszula by Jacaszek MY FATHER’S KEEPERMiasmah
Lite Raining by Off The Sky MY FATHER’S KEEPER Databloem
Ebb and Flow by Off The Sky MY FATHER’S KEEPERDatabloem
Umber by Rothko MY FATHER’S KEEPER Trance Recordings


Somebody, somehow is trying to tell you something. Call it a feeling, but on the next Snap we call it..."Omen."

Song Info Story Label

Birds & Butterflies by Marga Sol THE BIRDS Karma Spa
Fifth Ave by Gold Panda THE BIRDS Ghostly International
Autochthonal by io THE BIRDS ZerOKilled Music
Coming Home byConstanza THE BIRDS ZerOKilled Music
Quiet by This Will Destroy You THE BIRDS Magic Bullet Records
Hydrous Visitant by The Books THE BIRDS Temporary Residence
Happy Lawyers by The Books THE BIRDS Temporary Residence
Electro Lawyers by The Books THE BIRDS Temporary Residence
Tapir Tango by Hatchback THE BIRDS Lo Recordings
Maundy Thursday by Air France THE BIRDS Sincerely Yours
Cadavrion by Melodium THE BIRDSMelodium
Bidual by Melodium THE BIRDS Melodium
Child In A Tree by Big Scary THE BIRDS Pieater
Black by Monster Rally THE BIRDS Ted Feighan
Stil Frame by Luisine PORTAL Ghostly International
Centerline Reminder by Svalastog PORTAL Rune Grammofon
Pine Solution by Svalastog PORTAL Rune Grammofon
Gehen by Swod PORTAL City Centre Offices
Auxiliary Blue by Kanding Bretsch PORTAL Dacapo
Readings by Anjou PORTALKranky
Ira by Lullatone FULL SHOW Lullatone
Essener II by Afromaniac FULL SHOW Melting Pot Music
X’Tuchts by Fid Mella FULL SHOW Melting Pot Music
NY by Vanilla FULL SHOW Vanilla
by Vanilla FULL SHOW Vanilla
Dopamine (Instrumental) by L’Orange FULL SHOW Mello Music Group
Bang (Instrumental) by Ozay Moore FULL SHOW Mellow Orange
Live From Da Blackout by Drewdave FULL SHOWMello Music Group

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