The Riot Brothers

Back about three years ago, as a 6th grader in middle school I decided to start up a rock n roll band. Me and my best man Dyl and Alex started banging on cardboard boxes with J. Geils and ACDC blasting in a loudspeaker in the basement of suburban South Lyon, Michigan. After three or four major holidays and I was able to purchase a guitar, I bought a set of drums and my rock n roller father hailing from Britain had the rest. My Mom and Dad put up with band practices many times a week, allowing kids to learn and perform classic rock just because we damn loved it. Pretty soon we wanted to get out, but we needed a name! My dad had a band back in the 80's called "The Riot Brothers" so I figured that would be the most interesting name. We got ridicule, but you can only expect such when we proposed to play the school dance. The end of the year dance. We had to get clearance for a song, so we thought the Kink's "You Really Got Me' would be the best choice for a dance (and it's quite easy to pull off). Just like the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, you could barely hear through the screamin' girls going wild. We felt real cool, and so we progressed and played more dances. The band carried on and continued into the 8th grade, when one day we got a call asking if we were willing to do a charity show.  The lady setting it up said a local celebrity would be Emceeing. Pretty soon we found out that this was Mitch Ryder, yes of the Detroit Wheels. Perhaps you may know his wailing vocals from the songDevil with a Blue Dress".  A bit outdated but nonetheless a rock star to a degree. The spirit of entertaining must have gotten back in old Mitch, and he wanted to play a song. Here's the SNAP JUDGEMENT. Instead of wanting to play with one of the other four bands, this rock and roll vet decided that we'd be the ones. And just like that we had a big job to accomplish, performing as a group of 13 and 14 year olds with this guy far beyond our years. After one rehearshal, ONE REHEARSHAL with Mitch and a few days later it was showtime. So to put a long story to rest, the Riot Brothers did one hot rendition of "DWABD" and got many good reviews. Sadly the Brothers have not been together for quite a while now, due to the always changing paths of high school and where it leads you. But to this day my best friend remains solid on the drums and I love just jamming on the guitar.  I'll try to enclose a picture sometime too, so you can get a little visual.

Peace, much respect

J.p. Couling