The Robber and The Victim ~ A Not So Simple Tale

An indignant victim stood face to face with the brazen hardened robber who had, not so long ago, relieved him of his property. They were surrounded by a curious and expectant mob. It not only annoyed the Ivy league educated, well celebrated, well toned and tanned male victim that the person who made a fool of him was a seemingly uneducated scruffy looking, ailing, hunched over, weak looking and disheveled individual; this slow moving individual was also a woman; an old ancient woman!
The victim cleared his throat ready to speak, but the old woman raised her scraggy hand. Everyone, including the victim fell silent. What could the old hag have to say? He was sure the old fool would surely beg for mercy given the fact that all the odds were stacked against her. She was indeed still wearing the jacket from his hand stitched suit. She was also still wearing his equally illustrious necktie around her waist as a belt. Save for the splotches of dried up ketchup that decorated the jacket, it was indeed a handsome piece of clothing. His entire name so carefully and masterfully etched into the weave of the tie was a beauty in itself.
"Speak!" he growled condescendingly!
She too now cleared her throat to reveal a girlish voice. The voice was somewhat familiar but of no particular singificance to him.
"Son. You're not very smart; Are you? What do you expect when you leave things other people want unsecured. You need to learn (cough)  to secure your (cough) property...if it really is yours, that is.
She smiled a knowing smile.
The victim was now stunned into complete silence. His rage got the better of him and his right hand sprung up to strike this messy pile of an insolent humanbeing that stood before him.
A faceless member of the mob stayed his hand.
"Let's hear what else the hag has to say for herself!" 
"Yes. Let's!", they yelled.
"Son.", she continued.  "If you never learned anything else, you should have learned that what goes around comes around."
A puzzled mob, now turn to stare at the impecably dressed victim. Word spread quickly through the crowd about an ungrateful son who had ruined his mother who was now forced to wear his castoffs.
"No! No!", yelled the perplexed young man.
The crowd heard nothing more. They began jeering at the young man.
The chuckling victorious old woman melted into the angry crowd.
I wonder where she went?