A Second Opportunity of Life.

November 25, 2002- The one of the worst nightmares happened to two wonderful parents. Their little girl was hospitilized, in Mexico City, in the hospital named Hospital General Siglo 21. The little girl was just 4 years old when this happened. 

My name is Jailine Rodriguez Madrid, and when i was only four years old, i was dignosed with something called Heart Murmur, which is a switching sound heard when there is a turbulent or abnormal blood flow across the heart valve. At that time my family was very humble, and did not have the money to pay for such an expensive operation. For both of my parents it was already difficult to know that i was not okay, and that having that surgery was of big importance. If i did not recieve the operation i would eventually have further complications in the future, such as inefficient filling of the heart and pumping of the blood. 

The time of my operation had come, while i was being taken to the operating room, my parents soul was with me. They were dying inside, waiting for eternal hours in which my life hanged in the balance. FOUR whole hours seems like nothing, but at that time, for both of them it had become an eternity. They did not know whether their little girl, was going to open her eyes again and look at them, or if her eyes would stay closed forever. 

That same day of my operation another little boy, about the same age as me, was having the same operation as me, an open heart surgery. The valve he had inside his heart was placed incorrectly and had to be fixed. It was a very complex surgery where anything could happen.

The four eternal hours ceased, and my parents waited for the news. Thank to God, my surgery had been a success, and i was ok. They were so content, and full of happiness, to know that their little girl was ok, that everything was going to be okay. They thanked the Lord for the biggest blessing they could have ever recieved. 

Unfortunately the little boy, who had the same surgery as me, was no longer in this world. His eyes never opened again...he was going to rest forever. 

I am 16 years old now, and i thank God for giving the biggest blessing of having a second opportunity of life. I will never forget that i am the luckiest girl alive.