Small World After All

My name is John and I am twenty five years old. I spent alot of my time growing up in Baton Rouge Louisiana with my little brother. We both attended middle school together while we were there, and my brother ended up becoming the boyfriend of a girl who was the daughter, of one of our aunts friends, who worked at the school.

Anyway time went on and we ended up moving away. Later on that year after we had moved we started seeing all the stories in the news about the DC Sniper which had manage to catch the attention of even us. "Some guy running around DC shooting people at the gas pump". At this time we were living with my aunt in colorado and she had a monthly subscription to jet magazine whch we never really payed any attention to. Until one day we came home from school and my brother had retrieve the mail for my aunt.

As he was bringing in the mail he just happened to look down at the cover of jet magazine that was in hand, and on the cover it had read the DC Sniper had been caught and they had interviewed his wife and step daughter and to my brothers surprise there on the cover was a picture of his ex-girlfriend from middle school and her mother who had not only worked at our school but was friends with our aunt. They had been to our house for get togethers and my aunt had hung out with her mom outside of work. So when you hear people say its small world you never know how truly small it is until a situation this big could make you, and the world you live in, feel so small.


Thanks Boi. by snapjudgment