Snap Judgment : Grey Zone - Snap #210

Today we cross over Checkpoint Charlie into the “Grey Zone.”  Stories about people who for some reason or another are forced into the world of dark cloaks and twisted allegiances. 


Master fo Disguise

When the CIA had to rescue six Americans hiding in Tehran, they called on Tony Mendez, CIA Chief of Disguises.  True to form, Tony scripted a cover story made in Hollywood . . .

Find out more about Tony’s CIA adventures, check out his website.

 Producer: Mitzi Mock

Who's Your Granddaddy?

Rita Daniels attempts to get to the truth about her grandfather’s profession.

Producer: Rita Daniels


Babyface Bomber

What happens when a 15-year old boy in the middle of a war zone discovers a way to bomb the government? 

This piece was inspired by Shane O’Doherty's book, The Volunteer:  A Former IRA Man's True Story.

Producer: Anna Sussman

For Love or Country

When strangers followed Miriam Moscowitz home from work one night, she thought something felt wrong. She never considered facing the betrayal of everything she held dear.

Find Miriam’s book here.

Producer: Anna Sussman


Back in the day, Snap host Glynn Washington worked as a junior diplomat in Malaysia.  He discovered that in the business of deception, you never know who the enemy is.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Escape from Dubai

A former French spy, Herve Jaubert, moves to Dubai to build a submarine factory.  Unfortunately, things turns sour, and Herve needs to make a hasty escape.   

(Naturally, things aren't that easy . . .  )

Check out his book, Escape from Dubai.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Love your work. Especially the stories that include your experiences in Malaysia, Japan and the bay Area. I'm a Malaysian living in Arbor Arbor MI at the moment and my wife and I just recently moved out here from SF. I can help seeing the connection in alot of your stories. Thanks !! cant wait to get more !

Malaysians represent!! <3 <3 Terima Kasih!