Snap Judgment Live Casting Call!


Think you can kick your story for a live Snap Judgment audience?

Well, listen up.  Snap Judgment is the smoking hot new NPR radio show broadcast on over 160 stations nationwide, reaching almost a quarter million people each and every week (the fastest growing show in public media).

We’re about to bust out a brand new live episode show, at the Oakland Museum of California, Friday June 3rd, Saturday June 4th.

The theme of the show?   “Drama, Mama!”

If you want some great examples of what happened in the past - first check out Joshua Walter’s classic, “Porn With Nana."

Listen to Mark Bamuthi Joseph, “Molly”.


Joyce Lee delivers a clinic on, “Junk in the Trunk.”


Finally, Jamie DeWolf kills it for "Graduation Day."

Snap storytellers perform in front of a live audience with the backing of a full band.

The best Snap stories not only put audiences in someone else’s shoes, but throw listeners into the protagonist's prospective. We get to experience your world the way you see it. Strong starts, often with a premise that describes the dilemma.

We dig stories that bob and weave, dance, take listeners someplace unexpected. And we want the ending to grab you by the throat. (NO WISHY WASHY ENDINGS! )

Smart, engaging, perceptive, funny, sad, whatever - but put us there and make us FEEL something.

Snap Judgment seeks stories told from a points of view often under-represented on-air, particularly stories told by folks from marginalized communities, international stories, or anything off-the-beaten-path.

Send in a audio or video clip of your story ( - if chosen, you’ll practice with Glynn Washington and the Snap Judgment Band, and there’s 500 dollars compensation in it for you.

We can’t wait to hear your stuff!