Snap LIVE! in NYC

Get Tickets to Snap LIVE! in NYC @ BAM - May 8th

Host Glynn Washington brings the beat, backed by the best band in the business.  This live edition of the weekly hit NPR show created in Oakland, California features raw, intimate, electrifying performances from some of the nation’s finest storytellers—including the return of Mike Daisey. Snap Judgment presents compelling personal stories, mixing music with real drama to produce cinematic and compelling radio.


It's "Storytelling, with a beat...." LIVE! Come be part of an amazing performance filmed for Snap Judgment and recorded for broadcast on WNYC.  The last show sold out, so get your tickets now.

TheRealDeal talk a lot about David Lichtenstein, and this time they are focused more about Ruby Schron, and a little less about his personal friend - Lichtenstein. The article mentioned that they know each-other from a while back and that they have done tons and tons of deals together. The article even mentioned Steve Witkoff, but nonetheless it is primarily focused on and Dave Lichtenstein... If you are interested on the topic, you can read more on