Spooked III: The Witching Hour - Snap #325

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. This week, the Ghost of Snap Past rises from the grave to present the next Chapter, “Spooked III." From PRX and NPR – Storytelling, with a scream...

The Raven

Once upon a midgnight dreary, as he ponders weak weary - Glynn loses his damn mind...

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


 Susan's dog Daikon kept giving signs that an intruder was haunting her old Victorian in New Orleans.  Then one night in October, the intruder crossed the line....

Producer: Mark Ristich, Erin Neff and Renzo Gorrio



 Alan worked at a mental hospital in the midwest. He asked to be transferred to the acute ward, which housed some of the most psychotic people in the area. His request was approved...

Producer: Nick van der Kolk.


Prince of Darkness

 Snap gets a visit from the most tortured storyteller of all time - The Prince of Darkness.

Producer:  Pat Mesiti-Miller


Into The Catacombs

While working with cocoa farms in South America, a chocolatier takes a trip to Peru and tours the catacombs of the Iglesia de San Francisco. Surrounded by bones, Brad takes a haunting picture that stays with him in the worst way.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller



Mary, Mary and Mercy

Nate DiMeo, creator of the wonderful history podcast, “The Memory Palace” (listen, you will love it), drops a haunting story of people with good intentions...but horrific execution. 



Sea of Bones

Snap storyteller Jeff Greenwald dives into water that holds far more than just secrets.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Who You Gonna Call?

Snap producer Stephanie Foo has always been petrified of ghosts. So we sent her to one of the most haunted locations in San Francisco--the abandoned tunnels underneath the Warfield Theater.

Watch the teaser trailer and see some of the creepy rooms of the Warfield right here.