Topsy Turvy

During the summer after my junior year of high school, I worked at Tecumseh Woods Camp in Tipton, MI.  I was the breakfast cook.  Every morning, I would get up just after dawn, shower  and make my way down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for all of the campers and staff.  On this particular morning when I entered the dining hall, there were no benches or tables.  The whole hall was empty.  I knew the visiting pastors were prone to pulling pranks on staff.  Several staff had been pranked throughout the years, so I figured it was my turn. I looked all over - inside and out - for the benches and tables, but couldn't find them anywhere.  About a half hour later, my breakfast staff arrived.  They were just as surprised to see that the hall was entirely empty.  Finally, in desperation, I sighed and looked up.  There were the tables and benches.  They had been attached to the ceiling!  Till this day,  I still have no idea how they did it!