Truth is stranger than fiction and much more dangerous.

Here is my story suggestion for one of your story writting editors to research and write up.

There were no 19 suicide hijackers on 9/11 and the aircraft were essentially distractions from the real cause of the WTC buildings collapse which was controled demolition admitted to by the 6 week new owner then Larry Silverstein on PBS.  118 first responder firemen also reported the demolition explosions going off but their testimony was hidden by the mayors office until a FOIA demand released the tapes.  Civilians survivors in the buildings, including one recognized as a hero by Pres. Bush, experienced the sub-basement explosions and those injured by them but have been ignored as well by our complicit media. Hundreds of Architects and enginers as well as high ranking officers and professional pilots have confirmed the official story, promoted by the 9/11 Commission Director, Phillip Zellikow, who wrote a book for the Council of Foreign Relations explaining how to take best political advantage of catastrophic disasters years before 9/11 and controled and censored the investigation, even ignoring all critical evidence of conspiracy including the sudden collapse of WTC 7 whose initial explosive collapse around 10 AM was stopped after mayor Gulianni's personal friend, the City Attourney and another from HUD were found trapped inside and who after being rescued after the WTC 1 and 2 collapsed reported explosions going off.  WTCF 7 was not hit by any major debris or aircraft but caught fire on 3 floors around 3 PM and collapsed at freefall speed into it's own foot print around 5:30 in an obvious controled demolition just as the building owner confirmed they ordered it to be done later on PBS.   Warnings were issued in advance by fire officials even thought no steel framed buildings have ever collapsed due to fire as it is physically impossible unless high temperature explosives are used which can generate molten steel which was reported from the scene flowing in the sub-basements by first responders for many weeks.   This is just the tip of the 9/11 ice berg but author Dr. David Ray Griffin or 9/11 A & E Truth can provide more evidence of this "vast Right wing conspiracy", to quote Secty. of State Hillary Clinton.  For some, reporting such truths, such as Susan Lindauer ("Estreme Predjudice" and former military soldier on facebook, has led to their arrests and attempted incarceration in a mental institutions as political prisoners much as in Russia.  By the way, a number of the alledged "pilots" have since protested the libeling of their names by our government.  Following this false flag attack, a number of Mossad agents were arrested, held in solitary confinement for over a month until sent home to Israel by judge and later Attorney General Mulkasey who holds dual Israel citizenship there as does the building owner as well as the head of Homeland Security Michael Chertof (which means of the Devil in Russian).  His nephew was part of the team from Popular Mechanics that wrote a whitewash of the official coverup after they were moved into that publication whose editors and writers were first fired.  A woman by the name of Black, considered one of the most influential women in America oversaw this has head of Hearst publications and whose husband worked for the CIA.  But there is much more to be told if you dare to speak the truth in this country today.  You wirite the truthful story.


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