Urban Verbs: An Autobiographical Intersection of Hip Hop and humanity in 5 acts


Urban Verbs is a video, audio, visceral performance piece that is dialogued entirely in poetic verse. We are a collaborative of individual artists across many disciplines including literature, music, audio/sound engineering, film, visual art and theater. We are dedicated educators in varying capacities as well as bloggers, journalists, social scientist, media makers and community organizers. Urban Verbs is an alternative interpretation to the brainless, heartless, materialist, violent, sexist, homophobic, self-involved popular perception of Hip-Hop.  Our Mission is to create a progressive narrative around Hip Hop culture and facilitate the practice of EVERYONE telling their story through Hip Hop as a form of love, a form of intelligence and a way of better living. To increase the respect and acceptance of Hip Hop as a legitimate and visionary art form and worthy of academic inquiry, to be an example of how one can feed their family and live their dream through Hip -Hop that builds rather than Hip-Hop that destroys - To fashion Hip Hop into the tools that bring people together, stops wars, makes babies and raises them!