Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues


There was this young girl in her early 20's.  She had a crush on a guy that she worked with. It had gone on for years, but she never approached him or said anything or showed any signs that she was interested.  For his part, he liked her, but felt she was too aloof and not interested in him anyway.  He secretly had a crush on her as well.


When they were together, one would think that they had never met and most everybody in the office figured that it was a business-only situation.  As years went by, each dated a lot of different people and both remained frustrated that they had not been able to find their "true" love.  By this time, they had become good friends and shared their stories of frustration, but never the fire that burned inside for each other.  It actually was getting to a point that they were not only fantasizing about each other, they were borderline obsessive.  The problem was that they were, for some reason, afraid to approach the other.


One day, it finally happened. He told her that he was going to be married. He asked her if she would attend his wedding and help him celebrate. She agreed and later cried for hours, knowing that she was losing someone she never had. She was angry at herself for not being more open and straightforward with him. Why had she been so reluctant to say anything? The whole experience was breaking her heart. Nevertheless, she went to the wedding as promised.

The church was beautiful yet she noticed that very few people were there. As the organ played softly in the background, she promised herself that she would not cry and never to let this happen to her again. From then on, she would be open and honest about her feelings and ask for what she wanted.


As the groom came to the altar, he looked so handsome and seemed to be literally beaming. She loved him so much and always had.


The bridal march began, and all rose and turned to see the bride. As she fought back the tears, a few moments passed. Not seeing the bride, she turned back to look at him at the altar. But what she saw was everyone looking at her. The music stopped abruptly and he stepped down and headed directly to her.


Her eyes and mouth were wide open as he approached. She studied him as he took her hand, knelt on one knee and asked her to be his bride. He said that he loved her and that he always had. She almost choked getting the words out of her mouth. "Yes! Yes!" she cried and embraced and kissed him.


Just then the music started again and hundreds of people flowed into the church yelling: "Surprise!  Surprise! Congratulations!" There wasn't one dry eye in the house. This was a one of a kind, once-in-a-lifetime moment.


In the midst of the celebration, he was whispering to her the details of how this had all happened. She turned to me smiling, realizing for the first time that I was the only person that each had shared their feelings with about the other.


God, I just love happy endings.