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predominantly full style. The two styles of spelling in which MTR's
Enter: " b sh r " + " x l b " + " k l y " " q d y r h "
only. For example, the word "vayikra" occurs in only two places in the


to find the next occurrence:
(sort of) to readers of Hebrew. MTR knows to display them so that the
can be very useful for finding all occurrences of several different
doing so by calling wp.bat. Note also the incompatibilities...


Alt-X. Note that repeatedly pressing Alt-X cycles through the books
abrasive finger-contact during typing, and the ink would tend to wear
Note: MTRTSR is primarily intended for use in a DOS-only environment.
Windows to s full...


Hebrew, on the top line of the screen. This is MTR's "command-entry
Ctrl-E switches the search mode to text-browsing mode.
other program, or switches back to that program...


other DOS programs). You can switch between the two by pressing
A common error for beginners, is to forget the * when you want to
same word within a single verse. It is however often referred...


text. That is, the first character first, the second character second,
file named MTRTSR.HST. To write-protect or write-enable both files,
only need to type enough of the name to uniquely identify what you
(Kotarot, Tekst,...


Konczac liste narzekan na Konradexa powinno sie zakomunikowac, iz grzbiet nam sie dalej podoba. Kierownik sprawdzil, iz sa ustawione równiótko w pionie, w poziomie takze we wszystkich innych waznych plaszczyznach :D . Sprawdzam, to znaczy osoba...


runs MTR on its own. As with any program running under Windows, you
(a) If you are working under DOS -
MTR .DAT internal data file (not for printing).
where you intend to insert the text.
Alt-V (hei) ("Hora'ot...


unloading is accomplished by running the TSR with a command line option
we usually regard as consisting of many books. Thus, all the books of
Deletes everything from the cursor to the end of the line (like
If, in any of the...


with an * (asterisk) which means all volume-names. (Note: there is a
Chapter 6 in Hilchot De`ot " p r q w " m d A - d A w t
Alt-J (Chet) is a toggle ("maCHlif"). Press it and note the change in
already in...


case you need to remark the keyboard.
(This is the ` left single-quote-mark key in English.)
Purists may cringe at the full-style spelling (ketiv malei), but the
The most common layout, and usually the most efficient for storage...


vertical-surface of the keycaps. The top surface comes in for greater
can use to exclude such occurrences. Since every whole word in the
either in full, or abbreviated.
So far, we have covered all of the basics of simple...


clipboard. You must now transfer it from there to your Windows
p petuchah - an open paragraph break in which the entire remainder
which the search term is found. It displays the results of the search
Ctrl-X first to return to...


The newest versions of Windows--NT, Windows2000, and XP--are totally
We will now (at last) take you through a simple search.
Notice that each time a further instance of the search term is found,
including punctuation marks,...


the technicalities, you need not read this section.
the What, MTR will think that your Where is a What but that you forgot
(b) If you are working under Windows -
non-Jews. In the Ten Commandments...