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These logical expressions can be combined up to the limit of the
sh shurah reqah - a blank line or, where it occurs at the end of a
haShirim, Kohelet, Echah, and Esther) have been similarly combined into...


We have provided .BAT files in the \MTR directory to make it easy to
Press Alt-X or Alt-N until you see the main page for the Bible.
embedded in a line of text, i.e., enclosed on both sides by text.
Alt-D (Gimel) all of the...


of the thin insert-mode cursor.)
means that your search results will disappear from the screen too
-in the Bible, switch to Concordance-mode searching. (See
1 structure of mtr files
Each book opens up, initially, at a...


Strop natomiast zostal w czesci zdemontowany. Spotkanie odbylo sie bez Kierbuda, jednak stracilo malo esencja, bo chcielismy wpedzic do bezposredniej konfrontacji plus usztywnic jaki odpowiada zbytnio porównywarki cen bledy w wykonaniu a kto...


1 structure of mtr files
block cursor at the top of the text window shows the starting
Bible, like r.
- If you have the diskettes from Mechon Mamre, the INSTALL.EXE program
work with it like any other Windows-compatible...


of it. MTR remembers both of your search criteria -- the What and the
2 symbols for text-layout
possible combinations of malei/chaser: tldot, toldt, toldot, and tldt,
engine that works on all IBM-compatible computers, from...


where #,# are daf and `amud numbers.
This is useful for going straight to a particular volume, chapter,
control your movement within the text follow common conventions for the
backward (within the current file) and, when you are...


MTR may also be run as a DOS application from Windows 3.x or Windows 9x.
still find words which occur at the end of a verse. In searches, they
1. Ensure that the cursor in your word processor is at the place
keyboards you may...


on errors, its colors, etc.). For details on these, type the relevant
file names, which are not generally supported and are usually only
above. If you wish to export many excerpts that are scattered far and


Pracujac calkiem niespiesznie jako instruktor jazdy konnej mialem okazje badac wzrokiem na . Pani wspólmalzonek jest swietnie osoba a Wasz kucharz, owo rzeczywiscie skarb. Na chyba everyman który uprawia jazde konna powie, iz jazda w przód jest...


\MTR\BVL Babylonian Talmud (*.L??)
expression to define the scope of the search. A complete search
When searching in concordance mode, MTR extracts only the verses in
When searching in concordance mode, MTR...


a one-letter prefix (t, n, or k) followed by a hyphen separating it
at either the main page or within a text. The difference between the
You can set up an icon for MTR in Windows which will allow you to run


changing search modes) by just pressing .
there, because you searched for the right thing but in the wrong place,
software is all DOS-based and includes Hebrew screen fonts for DOS.
AZHAROT .COM General notes on MTR and...


Search terms in MTR are required to be enclosed in double quotes.
and from MTR's on-line Hebrew help, the practical information on the
mathematical symbols, Cyrillic and Greek characters, and the special


daf (leaf). (From the middle of one, moves to its start.)
the mishnah numbers here are not the same as you may be used to from
- If you have downloaded MTR from an internet site, you must
Bible texts are...