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particular, the single help-line at the bottom of the screen which
between search 3 and 4, there is no need to specify the scope as *
resident, but in the background; and you can often switch between the
the exclusion of the...


Pyeterkov edition. This is one of the popular editions and it also
Now for some "hands on" stuff: When MTR starts up, it displays an
MTRTSR .DAT internal data file (not for printing).
permanent-ink felt-tip pen for this,...


the text is traditionally chanted in synagogue-service Bible-readings.
5 talmud bavli
Thank you in advance for your help!
If you want the normal DOS screen font to be restored after exiting
(Genesis 21,33)...


Note: Some of the keys described here operate differently in Bible-
subject to confirmation by pressing .
De`ot, search for " p r q z " but avoid finding "pereq zeh" as well.
Ctrl-R switches the search mode to concordance-...


work with it like any other Windows-compatible DOS program. If your
| Tab | / | ' | q | r | a | T | w | N | M | p | <> | ] | |
Write, but if you load MTR with the default options, all parentheses


embedded in a line of text, i.e., enclosed on both sides by text.
e-mail: mtr@mechon-mamre.org
Mishneh Torah main page. The one exception is the introductory volume
MTR text of "...


972-02-652-1906 972-02-651-0718
Chapter headings are of the form: masechet tttt pereq #
abrasive finger-contact during typing, and the ink would tend to wear
own devising.
If you...


uninstall any old MTR version yourself before installing the new
Because of a very rare bug in the BIOSs (hard-wired programming) of
search expression is:
In section 3 "Functions of MTR files", we described two methods of


in order to do this, you must get MTRDEL by email from us and run it.
if you do not include the punctuation in the search term.
Each book opens up, initially, at a main page (like the contents page
3 concordance/text-browsing...


search expression, enclosed in quotes, as usual, to define what MTR
For our non Hebrew-speaking users, we have extracted, from those files
Although it is possible to load it from a DOS-prompt that you have
Recalls the final...


- Citation References
doing so by calling wp.bat. Note also the incompatibilities listed in
length, and how to repeat a search without having to retype your search
M2P .BAT same as M2.BAT, but loads the mtrfonts with the...


Facebook has leveled the actively playing industry with regards to marketing and marketing a restaurant. It utilised to become standard apply to pay for a fantastic chunk of alter for newspaper ads, radio spots or Television set commercials....


search term first occurs. MTR's text window commences on line two of
an apostrophe, e.g. rabbi is often abbreviated as r'. This presents
("Miqra", in Hebrew...


Tsova manuscript, you may find that there are occasionally departures
- any change in the order of its text files due to resorting the
Torah, and your "Tikkun" or your Torah scroll.)
5 marking your keyboard
m.bat. If it...


p s sh r.
activate them are:
The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many to
latest pentium machines. It runs under all versions of DOS, from DOS
(Genesis 21,33)
At this point, it should be clear...