Who owns this space ?

 I was with a friend from the office and I was looking for a parking space. 

The outdoor mall was huge, acres of pavement and I saw a space.

A car was pulling out and that blocked my view.

I pulled in and the car wating stopped and a door opened.

A middle aged white guy came out while a woman waited in the car.

"Hey! that was my space !"

I had just been fired and I wasn't into being nice.

"No it's not, it  A SPACE and I pulled it"

I gestured around the lot, wind whipping through my thinning hair.

He got red and said in a loud "I'm the boss voice"

"I was waiting for the space and you, you asshole took it"


I wished I had a mirror and could put it to his face and say" Who's the asshole in the mirror?"

But, I didn't and so I just stood there as he cursed and cursed and cursed.

The windows cracked open and the woman said "He's not with it, just get in side and let's park and go and eat"

He got bigger and redder and yelled " You deaf?"

"What are you gonna do?"

Greg got out of the car and waited on the other side of the car. That was kind of him, but who knew if this guy had a knife, a gun."

I smiled a bit, it felt GOOD to be an asshole and I could do it all day....

Finally I said, slowly and carefully, as to someone who didn't speak the langauge or might be a bit slow.

"This is a public parking lot and I'm parked. Go away take yourself and you're woman and eat dinner"

That was it for this guy. More cursing and now the woman was cursing too.

As she flicked the ashes out the window, she sneered and pulled her windows up.

Greg whippped out his cellphone and called the police.

"You know," the white guy said, "This would never work in the 'hood. You'd get shot in the 'hood"

WTF did this pasty faced dumpy guy know from the 'hood? He'd shit himself if he pulled this in the hood and get shot just to teach him a lesson.

"Lets wait for the police", I said and Greg noted that they were coming.

Sure they are I thought and waited in silence.

He hitched his SANs-a-belt slacks up and drove away.

I waited and drove away too.

I wonder did he come back and get "his parking place"?

I couln't care less and my day was MUCH better...