Witness: An American’s Life

When I was just a 10 year old boy, I met CJ. He was good at dodge ball and always jumped in front of me to take the hit, hoping to catch the ball and throw it back.

There was something about this boy that was different than the rest. He always seemed to be writing things down. Nothing was out of his reach. He wrote about the teachers. He wrote about his friends. He wrote about the good things that we did and he wrote about the things that later got us in trouble.

As time went on, trends in childhood toys and tv shows changed. New kids came and went. We all got older. Old toys got dusty and sent to the trash heap.

Throughout all of this CJ kept writing. Just like the Forrest Gump of our future, all I could think of was, "write CJ, write!" And write he did.

For the next 40 years, CJ documented every waking hour as well as every dream he could remember.

It's all there and now he is making it available for people to see.

He has 6 stories posted on your site already, under the user name of CJRoss.

Imagine learning that you have been 6 short stories away from a once in a lifetime gold mine in the hour to hour writings of CJ Ross. An American's Life.

Watch the video link below. I made if from a PowerPoint about him.