Yes I really was born in a barn.

A horse barn, but that is not really my story. It's more my mother's story. It explains a lot, but it doesn't explain everything, which is why I've called it the stuffed animal tea party,cause everyone loves stuffed animals and everyone loves tea parties.And no one likes the "exclusionary" kind.Why is it that I have to fight bodily for legal restitution?As the torture continues, I have no explanation, especially a rational explanation, which is why there must be a "legal loophole."And why I seek true justice, a thing of beauty and a work of art, and no, it doesn't resemble the beer can opener, the corkscrew,or the automobile.I don't know what it looks like cause I haven't seen it yet.It doesn't resemble "the kingdom of heaven", yet it exists on earth as I live and breathe, and if it doesn't, then why should I continue?It's not Yoga.It's more like a conversation among my dolls.I don't have any help with it, which is funny, because that points to the obvious.How could restitution in terms of the law possibly hurt me, as a matter of fact, the damage has already been done, so by my rights the only people trying to stop me are afraid of something or someone, and it's not me.


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